Crypto Exchange of Japan Reveals its Gram Token

Cryptocurrency Exchange Liquid of Japan has disclosed that the Digital Wallet Address which holds the money from the Gram Token Sale has carried out in July 2019.

In August, there was an announcement by Liquid that the Public Blockchain Wallet Address is now keeping all the engaging customer funds from Gram Token Sale. Liquid also announced that the funds will be remaining in cold storage until Gram Asia releases and deliver their assets.

Gram is the not-yet-released local Token of Telegram Open Network (TON).

The statistics and analytics platform of Etherscan stated that the wallet has $4,118,853.70 worth of USD Coins (USDC). As Liquid’s announcement, the additional tokens issued for the sale have been distributed among other partner exchange who agreed to unrevealed amounts of Gram Tokens.

ICO price sells three times

As earlier reported, on July 10, Gram Asia started selling rights to its Gram holdings at $4.00 per token through Liquid, which is three times the original $1.33 sale price at Gram’s second initial coin offering (ICO) round in March 2018. So, back then, Telegram increased $850 million by bringing its total value up to $1.7 billion.

The blockchain of Telegram Open Network (TON) is going to allow the developers to port their Ethereum smart contracts while software startup TON Labs is making a programming language for developing smart contracts on the Ethereum network.

Alexander Filatov, TON Labs CEO and Managing Partner, stated :

“That was probably the most difficult thing we built. It will allow the advanced Ethereum community to pull everything they wrote for Ethereum into TON.”

So, in late August, Telegram reportedly confirmed that it will issue the first tokens in October 2019.


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