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Crypto staking services provider, stakefish simplifies staking with the launch of Eth2 staking platf

Announces early-bird service fees offer of a one-time flat fee of 0.1 ETH for eachvalidator until withdrawals

The leading global validator for Proof of Stake blockchains, stakefish announced the launch of their non-custodial staking platform, Eth2, on November 24 to enable anyone to stake ETH while maintaining full control. 

The Ethereum staking platform, Eth2, provides the crypto community with an attractive option to stake without needing to personally run validators. stakefish also announced an “early-bird” offer of a one-time flat fee of 0.1 ETH for each validator until withdrawals are enabled. This is a limited period offer for the initial adopters of the Ethereum staking platform, Eth2, and is subject to change over the coming months. Anyone who stakes with stakefish during this “early-bird” fee period will lock in this price and will not be required to pay any additional fees until withdrawals are enabled. 

Eth2 is being rolled out in Phases. Phase 0 starts off with staking during which the stakers do not have an option to withdraw or transfer. The number one priority of Ethereum 2.0 developers is the stability of the network. Withdrawals are not planned until at least Phase 1.5.

Once the stakers sign up, the platform generates the validator signing keys and spins up the requested validators. stakefish’s infrastructure team has a strong industry record of running validators on other blockchain protocols without any slashing incidents. The team applies the same rigorous security approach to the validators deployed for Ethereum 2.0.

Mr. Chun Wang, CEO, stakefish said:

“Ethereum, with a market value of $25.3 billion and a daily trading volume standing at about $5.9billion, is the second-most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization and staking can play a major role in augmenting adoption. The Eth2 staking platform makes Ethereum staking easy and accessible to everyone. Staking reward rates will vary from 2% to 20% depending on how much ETH is staked overall. This is a step towards creating more awareness and enabling mass adoption of crypto globally and we are excited to see how our users respond to the same.” 

By staking Ethereum 2.0 with stakefish, you can enjoy a one-time flat fee of 0.1 ETH for each validator until withdrawals are enabled. For more details on Eth2 staking platform, check out the official company announcement. Check out a video explanation of the offerings of the Eth2 staking platform here.

About stakefish: 

stakefish is the leading validator for Proof of Stake blockchains. With support for 10+ networks, our mission is to secure and contribute to this exciting new ecosystem while enabling our users to stake with confidence.

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Media Contact – 

Dasom Song,

Marketing Lead, stakefish

Susan Joseph

Head of PR, Lumos Labs 



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