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Danny Cole Debuts Fashion Experience – Creature World

Danny Cole, the multidisciplinary artist and painter, has debuted a fashion experience like no other – Creature World. The Creature World Fashion Label was unveiled during this year’s New York Fashion Week.

It has been reported that with the latest capsule, Danny Cole aims to transport guests at the debut show to a “universe filled with giant sculptural environments and live Creatures.” This is where they see the collection in the context of the world it came from. With “Collection 01: Migration,” Danny takes the vibrant artwork of Creature World and transforms it into wearable pieces.

However, the Creature World Fashion label draws on elements of streetwear, utilitarianism, and workwear to highlight the joyous and whimsical spirit of the world Cole creates with it. The collection is gender-neutral and for universal wear, allowing the wearer to carry this unique and colorful dreamworld with them wherever they go. The garments also offer an exploration into the gap between art, fashion, and culture, aiming to build a dynamic bridge between them all.

The report said that this is not Creature World’s first venture into the fashion world, though. Their first clothing capsule was created in collaboration with advisory. This launched in 2022 and received critical acclaim. The imaginative translations of art into clothing swept over NYC Fashion Week last year. It turned thousands of New Yorkers into a canvas for Danny’s colorful and inspiring creations.

Thus, the latest Creature World Fashion Label takes this creative vision to new heights. Following the launch, the collection is available for purchase at This unique collection is also sure to leave a lasting impression in the fashion world. It does so by combining art and fashion in a dynamic and vibrant way.

Source: NFT Evening




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