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Dash Announces Launch Of DashDirect To Allow Users Spend DASH Crypto In America

Report said that Dash has announced the launch of DashDirect, a consumer app that allows users to spend the DASH cryptocurrency in stores across America.

It has been reported that Dash revealed that the new customer-focused app will offer up to 12% in savings on purchases by users.

Mashall Greenwald, the Founder of DashDirect and CEO of CrayPay, said:

“After you enter the exact amount of your current purchase in the app, an immediate discount of up to 12% is applied. This allows anyone to spend Dash for everyday purchases as easily as using USD, but with the added protections of decentralized money and the added value of 5% average savings due to Dash's efficient, low-cost transactions and DashDirect's unique merchant network.”

However, the app will allow users to pay with Dash at popular American retail outlets like Best Buy, Staples, Chipotle, Home Depot, among others. According to Greenwald, though the initial DashDirect launch is restricted to the US there is demand for the product in several other countries.

Greenwald said:

“We will need to expand our merchant network to include merchants in any given region along with adding localized currency conversion and language support.”

The report said that Greenwald further said that DashDirect is non-custodial, meaning that users will retain control of their Dash tokens when using the app. According to him, the platform leverages Dash’s payment technology to offer low-cost, instant payment capability required for crypto-based microtransactions. The app will also reportedly include a tipping feature, and a dashboard for users to track spending and savings.

Thus, DashDirect is also a further indication of Dash’s move to position itself as payment-focused crypto. Back in January, its DashPay smartphone wallet app moved into the testnet phase.

Source: Cointelegraph



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