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Dash Developers Announces To Update The Project’s “Evonet” Test Network Around Every Six Weeks

The developers of Dash (DASH), the major privacy-focused cryptocurrency, announced that they are looking forward to updating the project’s “Evonet” test network around every six weeks.

#Altcoin #Dash Dash Core Group to Update Platform’s ‘Evonet’ Testnet Every Six Weeks | — eStream Studios (@eStream_Studios) April 20, 2020

On April 17, it has been reported in an announcement that the Dash Core Group plans to release the first update that follows the new schedule between April 22 and May 5.

However, the Dash Core Group expects that frequent updates will allow feedback on whether the design choices are appreciated.

Consequently, the developers will be able to change design direction quickly if feedback reveals that it is necessary.

The announcement explains:

“Frequent software releases are encouraged as a way of quickly generating feedback. This feedback will uncover any erroneous assumptions made during the design and implementation of software, thereby mitigating the risk of devoting too much time to unneeded or undesired features.”

It has been analyzed that the developers explain that the updates are released to Evonet because it would be impractical to frequently update a distributed network like the Dash mainnet.

On the other hand, Evonet is nearly exclusively owned by the Dash Core Group so the developers are able to unilaterally push software updates.

Thus, this approach also decreases the risk of bugs preventing the functioning of the main network.

Source: Cointelegraph | Image: The Daily Chain


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