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Decentraland To Host Terrific Seasonal Wearables Contest Of Wearing Ugly Sweaters

Decentraland has begun hosting an Ugly Sweater Competition, in which anyone can participate. Every contestant can create an ugly holiday sweater and publish it on the official Decentraland Marketplace.

It has been reported that Contestants just need to submit their wearable using the Decentraland Ugly Sweater Contest entrance form after it’s been published. The MANA prizes will only be deposited within the creator’s wallet address, linked to the marketplace, when submitted for approval.

However, the contest began on December 1, and when it ends, each winner will be contacted through the email they provide in the official form. Each judge is part of the Decentralized Foundation. They include the Creative Director, Sam Hamilton; the Art Director, Shibu; the Community Manager, PeanutButta; and the Lead Creative Copywriter, Tillandsia.

The report said that the judges will rank the sweaters based on the holiday theme and their representation of an ugly holiday sweater, alongside its fun factor and how unique it is compared to the majority of other sweaters submitted. In September, Decentraland held a similar contest with NFT emotes.

Likewise, all winners will have their creations shown off on the official Decentraland Twitter page. There are some rules. Only the wearables approved and published in the official marketplace before the deadline can qualify.

Each wearable has to be winter or winter holiday related, and each contestant can only submit a maximum of three wearables and can only claim a single prize.

Thus, blender is the application used to create these sweaters, a free and open-source 3D creation suite.

Source: Daily Coin



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