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Decentralized IP Stack, Tachyon VPN (IPX) Reached 150000 Global Users

Tachyon, the Next-Gen decentralized blockchain-based internet protocol ecosystem, which has a Decentralized Virtual Private Network (VPN), reached 150,000 users with the help of Sunny King, the Chief Architect of V Systems and creator of Proof-Of-Stake. Tachyon VPN also gets support from top global server providers like Vultr, Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean, and Google Cloud.

Tachyon VPN node providers offer traffic to users of the platform through a router that matches users with nodes. In return for their contribution to the network, nodes earn staking and session rewards. All provider nodes need to stake 20,000 IPX tokens before they can mine traffic. This generates staking rewards.

Tachyon VPN users pay nodes in the form of session rewards based on their network usage. In this way, Tachyon’s “new internet” offers fair service and rewards to everyone – both nodes and users.

King said:

“Tachyon has started open pilot testing. Features are introduced step-by-step.”

He added:

“I’m delighted that Tachyon VPN has just reached 100,000 users globally this month and I believe that eventually, it would enable a vibrant VPN service marketplace for the world.”

However, King helped Tachyon get off the ground during its early days. Tachyon VPN was launched on App Store and Google Play recently and is acquiring global users with fast speed. Furthermore, the IPX staking system will be added in the following version of the Tachyon VPN as the official announcement said.

Tachyon, a project #PoS creator Sunny King, as part of V Systems, helped with early on, now has 100,000 users for its #Decentralized #VPN, @benjaminpirus reports. — Cointelegraph (@Cointelegraph) May 1, 2020

He said:

“Tachyon is the first major V System enabled ecosystem project.”

It has been reported that standard VPN’s let users surf the web without exposing their location, calling on various networks to mask a user’s true IP address, the information gathered about each computer’s location and activity.

There are 135 public nodes in Tachyon Network including 32 nodes in North America, 50 nodes in Asia, 45 nodes in Europe, 2 nodes in South America, 2 nodes in Africa, and 4 nodes in Oceania. All of these nodes are set up by community members across the world. Now all users can use these VPN servers to become a provider node in the Tachyon System.

King explained:

“Tachyon is designed as a VPN services marketplace. It creates the necessary infrastructure for service providers and users to participate in a highly decentralized VPN marketplace.”

Also, he said that with team members holding significant prior knowledge and background in the VPN world, Tachyon looks to harness decentralized tech for higher levels of privacy and security.

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Likewise, he also said that V Systems looks to grow blockchain’s capabilities by using cloud and database technology, as Tachyon appreciates this outlook, constructing its solution on top of V Systems’ blockchain and jointly working with the outfit. 

King concluded:

“The V Systems team including myself have provided and continues to provide blockchain infrastructure and technology services and solutions for Tachyon.”

According to the Tachyon weekly report this week 150,000 global users have been reached. Tachyon will soon integrate the IPX Staking System and build a top decentralized VPN traffic trading market on top of the Tachyon VPN. With the world currently in lockdown because of COVID-19, this is a remarkable feat and a proof of the high-quality community engagement at Tachyon.

Source: Tachyon | Cointelegraph | Image: Pixabay



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