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DECODING MINDS – An Interview With Becaz Learning Co-Founder Tirkish Gurban

Blockchain Technology can help improve the education sector, whether by way of facilitating a direct connection between educators and students to facilitate easier and less costly learning through online platforms or by facilitating payment of course fees with cryptocurrencies.

Although payment of fees in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or other altcoin is already happening in various universities, online education platforms using blockchain to help educators to disseminate education and learning is a different approach. The latter platforms are connecting tutors and educators and learners through a crypto-economy to facilitate learning and certification.

We interviewed Becaz Learning Co-Founder Tirkish Gurban to get more information on the peer-to-peer online education platform and the popularity of crypto in the education industry.

Tirkish is the co-founder of Becaz Learning. Becaz is a cryptocurrency which is related to time with blockchain infrastructure and uses the time as a payment and investment asset, for this objective, Tirkish developed a Proof of Time concept: converting time to money. Using this concept with Becaz, people can earn a fair amount of money based on their accomplishments and skills over a certain period of time.

What exactly is the Becaz Learning Platform?

Becaz Learning is the first peer-to-peer online education platform where 100% of paid money can be transferred to the teacher. In our platform time is a payment tool and Becaz coins can be mined by knowledge here (

What are the benefits of a peer to peer online education platform? Have you developed your own Blockchain or using an existing one?

Becaz learning platform provides 100% of paid money that can be transferred to the tutor via blockchain infrastructure by using becaz coins. So, our product will stimulate well-talented (skilled) people and motivate them to make their product. Moreover, they can demonstrate their skills and meet the audience. In addition to developing themselves in different branches according to their time limit by sharing their courses, experiences and monetizing from each other by using their time as a payment tool.

Primarily, being an ERC20 token created by ethereum smart contracts, becaz will move to its own blockchain base subsequently.

How will Becaz Learning stand out from the traditional ones?

Becaz learning uses a hybrid combination of micro and macro learning models that students can focus on and learn only the necessary part of the subject they need. Learners will have the opportunity to get more information in less time, a maximum of 15 minutes of the single video course. It is a less costly and less time-wasting process. The PoT (Proof of Time) concept allows people to monetize their time through blockchain infrastructure. Thus, skilled people can convert their time to money.

Becaz learning platform makes anyone-a teacher, anywhere-a school, and any proved time-a money.

As a student why should I choose Becaz over another platform?

Students can buy only the necessary part of the subject they need which is both less costly and less time-wasting process. After the student purchases the course, he/she takes the exam of the course, and he/she earns money by learning in case of succeeding. We named this process Proof of Learning.

How will Becaz Learning provide affordable education to the poor students residing all over the globe?

Becaz Learning Platform is about to tackle to decrease inequality in education. Becaz gives you a free venue to upload your courses that is a combination of your knowledge and experiences. You can earn time as much as the duration of your own course, (let’s say 15 minutes). Now, you can donate your earned time to the people around the world who can take benefits from the courses on the Becaz learning platform.

Donated time belongs to the Time Pool and is given to people who need it. Also, at the Becaz learning platform, with the help of Blockchain technology, your time is proven by the votes of other users, when it is proven, it is available to be turned into becaz coin. Then you can use your money in any means, you can either use it or donate it, you can exchange in other currency and ready to buy things with it.

Why Becaz coin? Why can’t we use existing coins like BTC, Ether or any stable coin?

On the Becaz Learning platform, a teacher can accept payments in BTC and Ether also, but only 60% of paid money transferred to the teacher, but if you use becaz coin 100% of paid money is transferred to the teacher by eliminating middlemen.

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Tirkish Gurban, Becaz Learning Co-Founder

Why the max limit for the course duration is 15 min? Do you think 15 min is enough for complicated subjects, both to explain and to learn?

Millennials’ average attention span is under 8 seconds. Especially in digital areas, students can not complete their purchased courses which are 10-30 hours. Concurrently, according to many studies, students’ attention will decrease after 15 minutes. So, we think that short, get to point courses are designed to meet a specific learning outcome. It is learner-centric. It can be easily accessed, quickly complete, and practically applicable by the learners. For complicated subjects, we will add bundle feature and with the help of bundle features, teachers can make bundles from uploaded courses.

What can be done with the Becaz coin? What are its functionalities?

Becaz coin is a cryptocurrency that is related to time with blockchain infrastructure and uses the time as a payment and investment asset (For becaz coin Unlike the other cryptos, becaz uses the proof of time concept which provides a fair distribution of money among the beneficiaries. In other words, not only those who have money will be able to obtain Becaz coins, but also those who have knowledge and skills can acquire them. Becaz coins mining can be done by knowledge. After having mined on the platform, becaz coins can be sold and bought on crypto exchange platforms, can be exchanged with other currencies, goods can be purchased, can be paid to employees as a salary and can be a way of investment.

How will you check the authenticity of the course uploaded by someone on your platform?

Tutors need to fill forms and their profiles before they upload their courses to our platform. Then our staff will check and confirm the submitted course. If any violations happened, people can report from the course page.

What are the future plans of the company regarding the expansion and even with scalability if transactions increase on the platform?

Problems such as global inequality, unfair distribution of income, poverty, ignorance, brain drain caused by the misconduct of governments should not be people’s fate. We developed a concept to strive for overcoming these problems by using our time, which is our primary value that is available to everyone. It does not only contribute to the poor countries’ economic and social development but also benefits rich countries by decreasing refugee burdens. In the first phase, using the proof of time concept, becaz builds a peer-to-peer online education platform for mining becaz coins and the fair distribution of coins according to people’s knowledge and skills. The becaz team continues working on the project and will have updates in the future. Becaz learning platform will be hope and venue for people with talent and knowledge and will allow them to earn money by staying in their own countries by doing the jobs they love. As I mentioned before, becaz will develop its own time-based blockchain to make becaz coins more scalable, more sustainable, more accessible, faster and more secure.

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Name: “Blockchain Economy” Date: February 20-21, 2020 Venue: WOW Convention Center, Istanbul / Turkey Website:

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