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DECODING MINDS – An Interview With Jun Soo Kim (JK), Head of Operations and Strategy, stakefish

We recently interviewed Jun Soo Kim (JK), Head of Operations and Strategy at stakefish, the leading validator for Proof of Stake blockchains. With support for 10+ networks, their mission is to secure and contribute to this exciting new ecosystem while enabling our users to stake with confidence.

Let’s dive into the interview question and answers we had with Jun Soo Kim (JK), Head of Operations and Strategy at stakefish.


Please tell us a little about yourself and your journey in the crypto industry so far?

I was working with data on antitrust related matters before joining the crypto industry. I had always been fascinated by startups and new industries. Naturally, my interest led me down the rabbit hole of blockchains. I started to read some white papers and my journey really accelerated from there. I was studying blockchains and everything being built on them part-time, but eventually, that just didn’t feel like it was enough.

That’s when I made the decision to join this scene full-time and start to help build out this thriving and cutting edge ecosystem. It’s been a bit over 2 years since I started to work at stakefish and I have no regrets in my decision to make this jump! I have no doubts that blockchains will be one of the most important technologies in this coming decade.

What is

stakefish is the leading staking service provider for blockchain projects. We have been in operations from 2018, supporting Proof of Stake protocols, such as Tezos, Cosmos and Polkadot and middleware projects, like Chainlink and The Graph. We are a fully globally distributed team covering 11 different time zones today. We care very much about contributing to the decentralization movement and will continue to build out the necessary infrastructure to support it.

What was the main reason behind the foundation of

Our founder, Wang Chun, has been running F2Pool, one of the biggest mining pools, since 2013. He recognizes the importance of maintaining a strong infrastructure foundation for any blockchain project. Since F2Pool mainly focused on Proof of Work, he decided to create stakefish which is focused on infrastructure for all non-Proof of Work blockchain projects.

Could you explain the concept of staking and what problem does it aim to solve?

Staking is a key component of maintaining Proof of Stake protocols and projects that use a work token model. To ensure the security of the network, projects make use of locked tokens to disincentivize validators from acting dishonestly. Any token holder can contribute to this token locking process by staking to any of the validators that they deem to perform effectively. In return, people who have staked will receive staking rewards from the network.

“The one line to summarize Staking is that it lets any token holder contribute to the security of the network and receive rewards in return.” JUn Soo Kim (JK), Head of Operations and Strategy at stakefish

Can an amateur use the services of

Yes, absolutely. The goal of stakefish is to let anyone take part in securing blockchain projects while earning staking rewards.

What are the basic requirements to be a validator?

I’d point out two major factors in becoming a validator:

  1. Expertise in running highly available secure infrastructure. You will need a strong background from the traditional IT space since you’ll need to apply proven best practices.

  2. Knowledge of blockchain ecosystems. As a validator, there are more responsibilities than just running servers. You need to understand the lifecycle of a blockchain project, the various stakeholders involved and the governance processes.

How many projects are operating validators currently on? and how many are on the waitlist?

We are currently supporting 20 live blockchain projects. We have another 12 currently in various phases that we plan to bring live in the coming months.

Which project is the most secure and profitable for staking?

It’s hard to point out a single project. Every project is unique in its own way. However, I would like to give a shoutout to Persistence and Matic Network for working tirelessly to make sure their protocols are secure.

[1] @proofofjk (Strategy & Ops, @stakefish) on: 👢Solving the Bootstrapping Problem for 💯 #ValidatorNetworks 🚀 Launching a POS #blockchain = core concept + [idea + vision] + active community ⚙️ Better access to resources to build #PoS protocols. — Lumos Labs (@LabsLumos) January 11, 2021

What are the future plans for the company? Where do you see your company in the next 3 years?

Our goal is to keep solidifying the infrastructure service that we provide and solidify our position as one of the top infrastructure providers. We hope to also increase our exposure to India given the extraordinary surge of interest in blockchains. We want to also contribute to educating the next generation of blockchain developers and users as this is critical for us to bring blockchains mainstream.

What do you think about the future of the Blockchain Technology and DeFi market and where do you see in it?

We still have a long way to go to start seeing real integrations of DeFi and blockchain into the real world. While I believe the key innovations around DeFi have brought us a step closer, I still think we need a few more years to really bring in the masses.

I see staking playing an increasingly important role in the DeFi space. stakefish will keep making sure teams are able to experiment on secure network environments. We will also start experimenting around combining staking with the DeFi space.

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DECODING MINDS – a brand new series of interviews by Digital Notice to give you an insight into the projects straight from the Founders and the Team. Each article explores the real-world experiences and expertise of our guests to discuss their unique perspective on the project use cases, its challenges, its changes, and its prospects in the fiercely competitive world of Crypto and Blockchain.

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