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DIAGEO Announces New NFT Edition To Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost And Rare Series

DIAGEO, the company behind the famous scotch whiskey, has announced the new nonfungible token (NFT) edition to the outstanding Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost and Rare series.

It has been reported that officially, the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost and Rare Port Dundas, the NFTs are exclusively available on, the NFT marketplace for wine and spirits from September 9th, for $775 (approx. 0.49 ETH).

However, there are 75 limited edition Ghost and Rare Port Dundas Master Sets. These master sets have excellent utility, such as a physical bottle, incredible art, and much more. This is the fifth installment in the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost and Rare series and the second NFT release. The new collection showcases the character of the outstanding and rare whiskies at one of the world’s most famous grain distilleries, the Glasgow “ghost” distillery of Port Dundas.

The report said that the historic distillery, located on the Forth and Clyde Canal banks, was built in 1811. It was the beating heart of the Johnnie Walker brand. They shipped the famous drink from here, across the world, for almost 200 years before it closed in 2010. The 75 Johnnie Walker master set NFTs are an excellent opportunity for whiskey lovers worldwide to get their hands on an individual, great-tasting limited edition bottle.

Likewise, the bottles use invaluable “ghost” whiskies from long closes distilleries. This and other rare expressions from the outstanding reserves that go into the famous Johnnie Walker Blue Label spirit make up the heart of the new blend. Another thing that makes the new Johnnie Walker whiskey NFTs so remarkable is the team behind them. The new Whiskey is the first release by renowned Johnnie Walker Master Blender Emma Walker.

Sophie Kelly, the Senior Vice President of Whiskies, DIAGEO North America, said:

“As a leader in whisky innovation and a champion of collective progress, Johnnie Walker will continue to foster meaningful relationships with consumers by championing the creators and community leaders in Web3. Stay tuned for more exciting collaborations on the horizon.”

The master sets come with a digital NFT by award-winning generative AI artist and photographer Ivona Tau. She uses inspiration from the source of life and the force of nature, water. Each NFT is entirely different and just as precious as the Whiskey itself.

Thus, Ivona Tau says:

“It’s incredible to see global brands like Johnnie Walker investing in digital creators to bring visibility to our work. I am proud to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Johnnie Walker and share my artistic vision of this limited-edition whisky release with communities in Web3.”

Source: NFT Evening



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