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DJ Agoria And Ledger Dropped Their Inaugural NFT Artist Series

DJ Agoria, the French electronic music pioneer, and Ledger have dropped their Inaugural NFT artist series. This series is available exclusively to Genesis Pass holders. The collab sees generative artwork by DJ Agoria (@agoriamusic).

It has been reported that the Ledger x DJ Agoria debut NFTs mark Ledger Market’s Artist Series. This series is a unique opportunity for artists to launch their NFTs with the secure and reliable hardware. Adding to the success of Agoria’s Compend-AI 2022 SX #1 series, Ledger is shaping its generative art series along with Johan Lescure for its latest drop.

However, the generative art, which is originally a massive 20ft piece, was broken down into bits and pieces on the Ledger ecosystem. On November 22, the smaller 10,082 512 px × 512 px pieces were minted and airdropped to all Ledger [L] Market Genesis Pass NFT holders. The official AI Agoria website is a streamlined purchasing platform that guides and provides users with a unique minting experience.

The report said that holders can check their official pieces displayed on the giant canvas on the site, and can also view adjacent pieces. Furthermore, many other square pieces are now available to mint on secondary marketplaces. The more editions collectors buy, the bigger generative art piece it becomes. Collectors with the most number of pieces will also avail physical prints of their NFTs.

Likewise, the largest pieces hand-picked by Agoria himself. In addition, holders with more than one NFT gain airdrops to adjoining pieces for a consolidated piece of the puzzle. Through this huge web3 art puzzle, Agoria and Ledger Market are bringing people closer together in the experience. This special mint experience also allows for more connection, buying, selling, and trading opportunities, all without complicated barriers to entry.

This drop also exemplifies the importance of blending hardware and software. It creates a new experience that prevents scams and provides peace of mind for artists and collectors.

Thus, Parker Todd Brooks, VP NFTs, Ledger, said:

“When [ L ] Market started looking for the inaugural artist to collaborate with, we wanted to find an artist who had a substantial body of work and was embracing blockchain technologies within their current practice. With an exploratory approach to creating art, an international exhibition history, and an impressive collector base, Agoria is well established in the traditional art world, and yet continues to push the boundaries of what NFTs and art can be in the future.”

Source: NFT Evening



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