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Doodles Recruits Interactive NFT Project Meebits Founder As Its New Advisor

Reports said that Doodles recruits interactive nonfungible token (NFT) project Meebits founder @kaigani as its new advisor for its community treasury – The DoodleBank.

It has been reported that Kai is also the executive producer for the first official NFT documentary “New Here” with Dan Sickles. After working on multiple successful NFT ventures, Kai is looking forward to innovating under the massively successful Doodles NFT banner.

However, he brings 25+ years of experience across domains like product innovation, media & entertainment (Sony, Netflix), and multiple DAOs. Kai is an active thought leader in the NFT space since 2017. He is also building #Media3 as the intersection between Web3 and Media & Entertainment.

The report said that he is also a generative artist with multiple drops and collaborations on Art Blocks, with his first Art Block collaboration auctioning at Sotheby’s. On the Doodles ecosystem, he aims to help the team revamp the DoodleBank roadmap with “a clearer vision, strategic direction and roadmap.” Kai has close ties to the Doodle team since 2017, and also holds 10 Doodles in his collection.

Kai said:

“I’ve always believed in their potential to become one of the leading entertainment franchises, appealing to kids & family, to emerge from #web3, #media3.”

DoodleBank is the Doodles Community Treasury. It currently has 2,940 ETH in it, or around $4.7M USD. The fund started with an initial funding of 420 ETH from the project’s initial sale. Furthermore, half of the secondary royalties from the project go into the DoodleBank treasury funds.

Thus, Doodle owners can vote for heavily discussed proposals via the DoodleBank. These proposals are put forth by a champion and then improved upon by the core team. After this, the proposals move to the final stage. There are currently 15 final proposals, and you can view them here. The off-shoot Noodles NFT project is also a product of the treasury. By extension, the Noodles’ Chase The Rainbow minigame is also the result of the DoodleBank.

Source: NFT Evening




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