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Dove Pakistan Launches New NFT Campaign For Setting Damaged Hair

Dove Pakistan has launched a fascinating new nonfungible token (NFT) campaign with unique real-life benefits for setting damaged hair.

It has been reported that the new Dove digital collectibles have been designed specifically for women with damaged hair. This brand new campaign will choose ten women through a competition draw to win these utility NFTs.

However, the NFT campaign will use the Polygon network in partnership with KlimaDAO, a decentralized collective of environmentalists, developers, and entrepreneurs prioritizing carbon neutrality. Damaged hair is a common issue, and Dove Pakistan wants to help women to feel better and more confident.

The report said that the new campaign will use NFTs and the power of web3 to improve ten people’s lives and reward loyal customers. The ten lucky winners will receive an NFT by email, providing an easy onboarding method for new web3 users.

Amanpreet Singh, the Global Media Lead for Metaverse and Web3 at Unilever, said:

“We’re using NFTs to drive brand messaging and, in turn, reward our consumers with long-term utility. Beyond marketing, we see next-gen technologies like NFTs as a gateway to open new possibilities of consumer engagement and brand advocacy through limited edition packs, gamification, and loyalty programs built with blockchain-backed benefits.”

As part of the Dove Pakistan NFT campaign, the winners will receive some significant benefits with their NFT. The ten winners can use their NFT to visit a salon and get an extensive and nourishing hair treatment. They will also win a year’s supply of Dove shampoo to help them on their hair treatment journey.

Thus, the competition is open now and will end on December 5. Only those within Pakistan can enter the Dove NFT competition, but it is an excellent opportunity to receive huge rewards and learn more about web3.

Source: NFT Evening


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