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EA Founder And CEO Enters Web3 With New NFT-Based Company “Games For A Living”

Reports said that Trip Hawkins, the founder and CEO of iconic gaming company EA, has entered web3 with new NFT-based company “Games For A Living.”

It has been reported that the new company focuses on blockchain gaming with play-to-earn elements and ideals. The company also prioritizes shifts in the gaming industry business models to create revolutionary new ways players can experience (and earn from) games.

However, American entrepreneur and Video Game Hall of Fame holder Trip Hawkins is a household name in the gaming industry. Building video game companies like Electronic Arts (EA) and 3DO, he took the gaming world by storm during the 1980s and 1990s. His games stand testament to his ability and his experience has revolutionized how people learn, work, and play.

The report said that a startup that is developing games based around NFTs and blockchain-based tokens. The company is also co-founded by Manel Sort, formerly the first vice president at Candy Crush Saga developer King. The initial game to be (re)released by Games for a Living is titled ‘Elemental Raiders’ and is currently available on Steam. Although it currently lacks NFT and blockchain features. A tournament for Elemental Raiders that includes NFT-related prizes is to be held in March.

Likewise, the company has also teased a second game called ‘Diamond Dreams’. This is a matching puzzle game fueled by NFTs. Games For A Living’s NFTs, tokens, and other materials will primarily be on the BNB chain. But some elements will remain on the Ethereum blockchain. In their official whitepaper, they announce plans to eventually move all game assets to their own chain.

Thus, games for a Living has its own video game development studio to establish a quality base for its platform’s video games. The developed games demonstrate the potential of the network. It also contains documentation for developers who want to create their own blockchain games.

Source: NFT Evening




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