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Ebay Announces Hiring Spree Across For Their Web3/NFT Marketplace KnownOrigin

Ebay, the leading online marketplace, has announced a hiring spree across their company for their web3/nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace KnownOrigin.

It has been reported that the company has listed several openings for web3 based jobs on its official LinkedIn profile. Ebay also seeks a “creative crypto attorney” for the KnownOrigin marketplace. The hiring surge comes at a time when multiple crypto firms have laid off their workforce.

However, KnownOrigin is the digital NFT marketplace acquired by Ebay in June 2022. With the rise of web3 in the past few months and the exit of bad actors and frauds, the runway is clear for big brands and companies to invest and build with the new technology.

The report said that Ebay has posted several open positions on their LinkedIn to build their NFT marketplace and expand further into web3. Some of the jobs include marketing executives, community head, crypto counsel, senior product designer, tech lead, content designer, marketing campaign executive, artist liaison manager, and more.

Likewise, according to Ebay, the acquisition of the KnownOrigin NFT marketplace is beneficial to both parties. This is due to the sheer size and scale of Ebay and the cutting edge technology of KnownOrigin. Together, both parties are building towards a future that empowers a new wave of NFT creators, sellers and buyers. The company aims to become the top destination for digital collectibles globally.

Ebay in the job post stated:

“ is an early Web3 pioneer, an NFT marketplace empowering a new generation of digital artists to express themselves, find an audience and earn a living from their passion. And they’re looking for like-minded enthusiasts to join them in their venture!”

The Crypto Counsel role sees a dedicated advisor for the KnownOrigin marketplace to lead the direction forward into web3. The role will see the individual work across legal, taxation, intellectual property (IP), and security to provide regulatory guidance.

The Tech Lead role is in requirement for someone with intensive experience with cloud services such as Google Cloud and AWS. This role sees the individual build the future of the KnownOrigin marketplace to reflect Ebay’s massive scale. The tech lead role looks to build and design protocols and digital infrastructures that will be used by both KnownOrigin and Ebay to develop NFTs and other crypto products across both ecosystems.

Thus, this is not Ebay’s first foray into web3, though. Early last year, Ebay launched an NFT collection inspired by iconic Sports Illustrated cover athletes. The collection featured 13 limited-edition NFTs across green, gold, platinum, and diamond tiers. The collection was launched in collaboration with OneOf.

Source: NFT Evening




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