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Esports Streaming Platform Theta Partners With Social Gaming Ludena Protocol

Crypto-powered Esports streaming platform Theta has partnered with social gaming platform Ludena Protocol to reward its gamers for viewing or streaming content.

The partnership will see Theta protocol integrated into GameTalkTalk, Ludena’s first DApp. This will allow the gaming-centric social platform to access Theta’s streaming services through the platform.

Happy to announce our collaboration with @Theta_Network to embed the Theta TV streaming service on our GameTalkTalk app. Our users will be able to watch high quality e-sports action and earn TFUEL just for watching! — Ludena Protocol (@ludenaprotocol) July 29, 2020

Users of Ludena will be rewarded for engagement in the form of Theta’s TFUEL token.

The partnership will see an exclusive GameTalkTalk channel added to Theta’s streaming platform, Theta TV. This will allow Ludena to tap into Theta’s audience of more than five million users.

The integration will also comprise the first launch of Theta’s Live Mobile Embed service for Android in Korea, which allows Theta TV content to be broadcast via smartphones.

Theta Labs and Ludena Protocol will also collaborate on marketing GameTalkTalk to Theta’s European and North American communities.

Mitch Liu, Theta Labs’ chief executive, describes GameTalkTalk as “an ideal partner” for the launch of the Theta Live Mobile Embed product.

Liu added:

“In just a couple of months after announcing Theta Live Embed, it is now live on more than dozens of partner sites globally and we are excited to branch out to Korea for the first time and to onboard local content.”

Theta’s TFUEL and THETA tokens have largely trended sideways since retracing from the meteoric highs posted in June amid the launch of Theta’s mainnet 2.0 in May.

The launch saw THETA surge 450%, and TFUEL skyrocket 950%, in May.

Since retracing last month, THETA has ranged somewhere between $0.22 and $0.27, while TFUEL has oscillated between $0.008 and $0.01.

Source: Cointelegraph | Image: Unsplash



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