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Ethereum Foundation Awards Grant To Nimbus To Work On Light 2.0 Client

The Ethereum Foundation awarded a $650,000 grant to Nimbus for continuing its work on light Ethereum 2.0 clients.

On Jan. 28 a press release made the announcement that the project’s goal is to allow smartphones and embedded devices to run smart contract-capable nodes.

The Nimbus team has been awarded a follow up grant from the Ethereum Foundation to continue work on the public multi-client ready testnest, prep for production use, and more engineers who can broaden the scope of work to key new areas. Learn more — Nimbus (@ethnimbus) January 28, 2020

Nimbus is an infrastructure project launched in March 2018 by Status. Initially conceived as a way to ensure access to the Status app on all smartphones, its scope was later expanded into a public good for Ethereum.

Jacek Sieka, Head of Research at Nimbus adds:

“The R&D performed by the Nimbus team is not specific to Status or The Status Network, but rather designed as a public good for anyone to use, change, and benefit from.”

Nimbus is co-funded by Status, the Ethereum Foundation and, in small amounts, by Gitcoin. The foundation has committed a total of $1.65 million so far. The funds will be used to get Nimbus into a production-ready state, as the next milestones will involve the testing and eventual release of a client supporting Ethereum’s beacon chain.

Sieka adds:

“The way we are building and designing Nimbus lends itself to more than an SPV wallet replacement. It will have the capabilities of processing and managing any type of smart contract transaction, not only wallet functions.“

Devices that will be able to support Ethereum nodes also include the Raspberry Pi, point of sale units and other embedded devices. As people in the developing world do not always have access to the latest hardware, Nimbus will purportedly “democratize blockchain use around the world and provide the technology to people who need it most,” added Sieka.




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