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Ethereum’s Block Propagation Can Be Twice As Fast Through BloXroute

Akomba Labs, the blockchain advisory and product development firm conducted a test on the Ethereum network revealing it can make block propagation at least twice as fast through BloXroute.

On Nov. 27 Coindesk reported that Akomba Labs collaborated with the scalability-focused blockchain startup BloXroute and ran a two-week test measuring the results of running BloXroute’s, Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN) on the Ethereum network.

Average Block Propagation Performance Significantly Improved

The test findings showed that the average block propagation performance significantly improved, dropping from 360 milliseconds without the BDN to 172 milliseconds with it.

The test results indicated that BDN could potentially present itself as a solution to Ethereum’s scalability debacle. The CEO of BloXroute, Uri Klarman commented:

“Ethereum feels the burn of the scalability bottleneck more than any other blockchain out there […] It’s losing momentum, it’s losing market share. They feel the problem. most others don’t.”

Klarman adds that BDN is already running in some of the mining pools and will be gradually introduced to more larger pools.

Expect increasingly better results as ETH increases gas limit@bloXrouteLabs isn't just about making the network FASTER 🐇- we're already close lightspeed It's about making it BIGGER without making it slower 🐢 — Uri Klarman | "The Civil Engineer of Crypto" (@uriklarman) November 27, 2019

Klarman said that is “not just about making the network faster, it is about making it bigger, without making it slower.”

Source: Coindesk | Cointelegraph | Image: BloXroute



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