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Ethereum-Themed Documentary Raises 1,035.96 ETH Worth $1.9 Million In 3 Days

The Ethereum-themed documentary, named “Ethereum: The Infinite Garden,” has raised a total of 1,035.96 ETH worth $1.9 million in 3 days (as of Friday), as it surpassed its goal of 750 Ether (ETH).

It has been reported that the funding campaign started on Wednesday to support the production of a feature-length, character-driven documentary film exploring the “innovative real-world applications of the Ethereum blockchain, the die-hard community of enthusiasts and developers, and its creator, Vitalik Buterin.”

However, the fundraising campaign amassed a total of 662 backers who contributed through Mirror, a decentralized crypto-based network.

The project creators said:

“We are blown away by the support of the community. In 3 days we surpassed our goal.”

The report said that some 95% of raised funds will be directed toward the film’s production budget, while 3% will be distributed on Gitcoin grants to support open-source Ethereum projects, and the remaining 2% will be sent as a donation to, an initiative to reduce global carbon emissions.

Likewise, to premiere in winter 2023, the film will approach Ethereum as an “infinite garden,” laying out its blockchain as a “decentralized ecosystem with soil, plants, and insects” instead of thinking of it as a “machine controlled by a central brain.”

The idea of the infinite garden was conceptualized by Aya Miyaguchi, the executive director of the Ethereum Foundation. The project creators dropped a series of Infinite Garden nonfungible tokens (NFT) tied to select on-screen credits in the film.

Thus, the top three backers have been awarded these three unique NFTs designed by digital artist Pplpleasr, who is known for providing visual work for films like Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman, and Star Trek Beyond.

Source: Cointelegraph | Image: Unsplash



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