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eToroX Adds Five New Fiat Stablecoins With GoldX/BTC Pairings

EToroX, the digital asset platform of eToro, a social trading platform announced the listing of privacy coin- Dash with five fiat stablecoin pairs alongwith Coinbase’s USDC and Tether’s USDT with GoldX/BTC pairings.

As per a press release published on Nov. 12, the users of eToroX can also trade fiat stablecoins pairs such as:-

  1. Turkish Lira (TRYX)

  2. Polish Zloty (PLNX)

  3. South African Rand (ZARX)

  4. Hong Kong Dollar (HKDX)

  5. Signaporean dollar (SGDX)

Along with:-

  1. U.S. dollar-backed tokens USDC

  2. Tether (USDT).

BIG NEWS– 5 new stablecoins+USDC, USDT & Dash have been added to our exchange. The icing on the cake; the much anticipated GOLDX/BTC pairing has been added! This amounts to a substantial 30% increase & a total of 26 tradable assets on the #eToroX exchange. — eToroX (@eTorox) November 12, 2019

As of now the total number of assets that can now be traded on the cryptocurrency exchange are 17 stablecoins and 96 trading pairs.

Doron Rosenblum, managing director at eToroX, commented:

“We see the addition of USDC and USDT as a way for eToroX to further meet the needs of professional and institutional algo traders, particularly in the Asian markets. Adding five new stablecoins, plus the addition of the Dash cryptoasset, demonstrates our ongoing commitment to bridge the gap between the world of blockchain and traditional financial markets.”

Gold Token Also Available In EToroX

The cryptocurrency exchange also added new pairings to trade tokenized gold (GOLDX) against Bitcoin (BTC). The exchange notes that users see gold as a safe asset in counterpart to its digital asset, Bitcoin.

Rosenblum explained:

“Our Gold/Bitcoin pair provides a means to trade between the old and the new stores of value, making Gold/BTC an extremely special and interesting combination.”

#Bitcoin is often considered #crypto gold and there are many similarities between both assets. Will $BTC have its own “Goldrush”? The parallels between the two and their futures market might suggest so. — eToroX (@eTorox) November 12, 2019

Recently, eToro acquired the cryptocurrency portfolio app Delta that tracks around 6000 different cryptocurrencies and tokens over 180 exchanges.


Source: PR Newswire | Image: CCG


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