Facebook acquires chatbot startup, Servicefriend for Calibra

Facebook has recently acquired an AI-based chatbot Servicefriend, to provide customer service for the users of Calibra.

On Sept 19th, an Israeli news report covered that the social networking giant has acquired Servicefriend to provide customer service for the users of Calibra, Facebook’s digital cryptocurrency wallet.

Customer service for Calibra

Servicefriend is an AI-based app that “supposedly can mimic the intelligence, comprehension and empathy of a human to such a degree that customers won’t realize they are interacting with a bot”.

The chatbot’s website read:

“We are thrilled to share that Servicefriend is now moving to the next chapter of our exciting journey. Over the past four years, we managed to standout and build a great platform for brands to deliver excellent experiences at scale over WhatsApp and Messenger. Our mission to transform the way business interact with people and to let people communicate with businesses as they do with their friends has always been our raison d’etre.”

The chatbot has previously worked with Facebook where it “specifically it built “hybrid” bots for Messenger for companies to use to complement teams of humans, to better scale their services on messaging platforms.”

Servicefriend built a messenger bot in the past for Globe Telecom in the Philippines where it was able to bring down the “agent hours” to 20 hours for each 1000 customer interactions.

Facebook developing a customer service on Calibra can help the company in building up credibility not just for its customers but also for its partners and possibly regulators.

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