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Fewocious Adds New All-Time High Secondary Sale After His NFT Sold For 350 ETH

Fewocious, an acclaimed teen nonfungible token (NFT) artist, has added a new all-time high (ATH) high secondary sale after his NFT, “The Sailor” sold for 350 ETH or about $595,000 at the time.

It has been reported that anonymous buyer ‘capital6529’ bought the NFT from its previous owner, ‘2YeahYeah.’ Notably, ‘2YeahYeah’ had bought the piece for only 46 ETH early last year.

However, on August 19, capital6529 paid a whopping 350 ETH for “The Sailor” NFT by Fewocious. The looping, animated NFT depicts a morphed human face in typical Fewocious style, otherworldly pop surrealist art in vibrant colours.

Its description reads:

“I don’t know what’s ahead and i can’t be certain. moving onward and upward, my friend… at least im trying.”

After the sale, 6529 Tweeted:

“Bringing a @fewocious into the 6529 family has been a very long time in coming.”

Fewocious also shared a touching message:

“My sophomore highschool English teacher saw this and messaged me saying she’s gonna add this piece & my story to her lesson about resilience to her students.”

Thus, Fewocious is one of the most successful NFT artists in the space. A queer artist, he has been making art since he was 13 and first entered the NFT space in 2020. He was the youngest ever Christie’s artist. In fact, his NFT auction with Christie’s a year ago saw the site crashing.

Source: NFT Evening



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