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Football Legend Sergio Agüero Signed For The Sandbox To Build Football Metaverse

Sergio Agüero, the football legend, has signed for The Sandbox, and they are building a football metaverse experience. The former Manchester City FC and Argentina national player – known to his fans as Kun – has been building a new career since retiring.

It has been reported that now, Sergio Agüero is a popular Fifa Twitch streamer. Therefore, he is teaming up with The Sandbox to construct a football virtual gaming world. The metaverse will open on November 6 and also comes with a collection of Kun NFTs.

However, ‘The Kuniverse’ will arrive in November and is a colossal metaverse football gaming world in The Sandbox. Developed in partnership with Eter Studios, Sergio Agüero has built a vast metaverse with some excellent features.

The report said that season one of The Kuniverse will take place in a huge virtual football stadium. Players can find football-related games, events, dance parties, and famous Argentinian food at the stadium, such as Dulce de leche.

Agüero said:

“I am very excited to have my first space in the metaverse we created with Eter Studio inside The Sandbox to play and stream with my fans worldwide. The first season of Kuniverse will be full of surprises and benefits related to the 9,320 avatars that were specially created.”

The Sergio Agüero metaverse world wouldn’t be complete without NFT avatars of the Premier League legend. The Sandbox drop of the 9320 Kun NFTs will coincide with the metaverse release – allowing players to use them in The Kuniverse. The NFTs come in five different rarity levels, celebrating all parts of his career at various clubs. These NFTs are Football Kuns, E-Kuns, Future Kuns, Robot Kuns and Special Kuns.

Thus, the NFTs include some great football utility based around the metaverse world. One such utility is the opportunity to win a personal meeting with Kun at the Qatar World Cup next month.

Source: NFT Evening



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