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Former US Magistrate Judge, Paul Grewal Joins Coinbase As Chief Legal Officer

Paul Grewal, a former US magistrate judge in California is joining the legal team of leading global crypto exchange, Coinbase.

On July 8, 2020, an announcement was made by Coinbase on their official blog stating that the addition of Grewal will help “pave the way for the next phase of crypto awareness and adoption.”

Paul Grewal joins Coinbase from Facebook, where he served as Vice President and Deputy General Counsel. Prior to Facebook, Paul spent more than 5 years as the US Magistrate Judge for the Northern District of California.

We’re proud to announce that Paul Grewal, former US Magistrate Judge, is joining Coinbase as Chief Legal Officer. Paul's mix of experience in private practice, as a federal judge, and as a leading in-house lawyer makes him a phenomenal addition to Coinbase. — Coinbase (@coinbase) July 8, 2020

The new Chief Legal Officer will also lead the legal team as Coinbase partners with financial services regulators, and develops and releases new products and services. He will oversee all the legal functions of the global business and will manage the continuing growth of the legal team.

Paul’s especial mixture of experience in private practice, as a federal judge, and as a leading in-house lawyer and business leader will make for another phenomenal addition to the executive management team at Coinbase.

Grewal oversaw more than a thousand cases during his five years as a judge, and “played significant roles” in Apple v. Samsung and Oracle v. Google, the two pivotal legal cases on technology of the decade.

Emilie Choi, Chief Operating Officer at Coinbase asked Paul about what made him to join Coinbase. He said that:

“I came to understand the vision for an open financial system for the world. And I got to see just how talented and committed the entire Coinbase team is in making that vision a reality. I decided then and there that I just have to be a part of this.”

The announcement from Coinbase comes two months after its former chief legal counsel, Brian P. Brooks, left the exchange after two years. Brooks is now currently the head of the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, a bureau within the Treasury Department. A few months back, Coinbase acquired the prime cryptocurrency brokerage firm, Tagomi to evolve a strategy for institutional investors.

Source: Cointelegraph | Image: Coinbase Blog



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