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Forte Taps 5 New Blockchain Gaming Partners To Bring Out The Best Gaming Experience

Forte, a partner of major cryptocurrency firm Ripple, has just tapped five new high-profile gaming companies in line with its mission to provide best-in-class gaming experiences based on blockchain technology. As per the partnership, each of the five game developers will integrate Forte’s blockchain platform into one of its games, enabling new benefits for both developer and player communities.

Amid the increasing adoption of blockchain technology in the gaming industry, some of the world’s biggest game developers like South Korean Netmarble are partnering with blockchain gaming startup Forte Labs to streamline blockchain-powered game experiences.

According to a March 24 blog post, Forte’s new game developers include:

  1. United States-based Hi-Rez Studios and nWay

  2. Canadian social games provider Magmic

  3. German gaming firm DECA Games and Netmarble

The newly announced partners follow their previously joined collaborators, including Disruptor Beam, Other Ocean and Kongregate.

By using Forte’s blockchain, game developers can unlock new revenue streams by bridging the gap between digital gaming and physical collectibles and eventually providing real-world value to in-game experience.

Today we're welcoming five new dev partners: @HiRezStudios, @NetmarbleEMEA, @Magmic, @nWayGames, and DECA. We're so grateful to work with some of the best game developers in the world in building a more open, equitable, and sustainable ecosystem for games. — Forte (@FortePlatform) March 24, 2020

While Forte sees blockchain as a tool for unlocking greater game experiences such as secure asset ownership and the ability to integrate peripheral markets, the firm is confident that sole blockchain integration doesn’t solve all gaming problems.

The startup said:

“At Forte, we firmly believe that blockchain technology by itself is not enough,” emphasizing that engaging player experiences must accompany tech advancement.

According to the firm, that is the biggest reason behind the addition of new game partners.

Josh Williams, Forte’s co-founder and CEO, outlined that the new partners will bring deep knowledge in creating engaging game experiences that would be helpful in bringing blockchain-powered benefits to the mainstream.

He continued:

“Together, we’ll work towards building a more open, equitable, and sustainable ecosystem that addresses many of the issues found today in the games industry.”

To date, Forte’s blockchain platform operates on an invite-only basis while the product is designed to be free and work across any game platform, the firm said.

The platform is based on open source protocols like Ethereum and Interledger to facilitate the creation of game assets as well as cross-chain transactions.




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