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FOX Entertainment Announces ‘Keys to Krapopolis’ NFTs

FOX Entertainment, Blockchain Creative Labs (BCL), and Dan Harmon, creator of FOX’s animated comedy Krapopolis, have announced the ‘Keys to Krapopolis’ nonfungible tokens (NFTs).

It has been reported that the NFTs allow two lucky owners of the series’ dedicated NFTs – “Krap Chickens” – to appear in the program as background characters during its Season One finale. The ‘Keys to Krapopolis’ NFTs are the two rarest NFTs in the collection.

However, only two Keys are available and will be added to two existing Krap Chicken NFTs from the collection. The ‘Keys To Krapopolis’ will then be added as a second image on each of the upgraded NFTs in a carousel. Once the episode goes live, the two Krap Chickens NFT PFPs will feature on air.

The report said that starting December 7, current Krap Chicken holders can enter and win a digital scavenger hunt. This hunt will be via the official website to gain access to one of the Keys. The first entrant to answer a series of Krapopolis-themed, multiple-choice questions correctly will also win the first Key to Krapopolis.

Likewise, each Krap Chicken NFT represents one entry in the scavenger hunt. Own more than one Krap Chicken? Then you get more chances to enter, compete, and possibly win the hunt! The second Key will be added to a Krap Chicken from BCL’s treasury. This NFT will also be auctioned off to the public on OpenSea. The auction starts November 27 and through December 4.

Scott Greenberg, the CEO of Blockchain Creative Labs, said:

“Unlike, say, a concert ticket, which has one-time use, we want our Krap Chickens to grant additional perks to fans over time. When we first announced the Krap Chickens, we offered several features, including early-access to screenings and meet-and-greets with the cast and crew. But the ‘Key to Krapopolis’ proves that utility in Web3 can be eternal and only scratches the surface of what’s possible in fan engagement.”

Thus, Dan Harmon is an Emmy-winning writer, producer, creator, and actor. He is also the creator/executive producer of the superhit comedy series Community. In addition, he is the co-creator/executive producer of Adult Swim’s Rick & Morty. He is currently the creator and executive producer of FOX’s Krapopolis.

Source: NFT Evening



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