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Funko Pop! Digital Announces Latest Entrant To Its Already Stellar NFT Lineup

Funko Pop! Digital has announced the latest entrant to its already stellar nonfungible token (NFT) lineup – Teen Titans.

It has been reported that starting January 31, collectors can collect their favorite Teen cartoon icons as NFTs on the Droppp NFT marketplace. The Teen Titans! Funko Pop digital collectibles include both, superheroes and supervillains from the DC universe.

However, the Teen Titans Funko Pop Digital collectibles offer the NFTs in Standard and Premium tier packs. There are 43,000 digital collectibles in total, split in half between the two packs. Fans and new collectors can buy Standard or Premium packs during the primary sale directly from Droppp starting January 31st.

The report said that any Teen Titan Digital Pop! containing Legendary or Grail traits become eligible to redeem for a rare, exclusive physical collectible that matches the Digital Pop! The offering also allows collectors a chance to receive a limited edition physical collectible figure designed exclusively for this release. Collectors must collect one of every Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic Digital Pop! to build a “Royalty” collection to avail this unique IRL item.

Likewise, there are also Redemption tokens for the collection. Redemption Tokens will be issued to users account 120 days after release for all completed Royalty Collection sets or Legendary / Grail Digital Pops! Once users get their Redemption tokens, they may redeem the same for a physical collectible.

Thus, the four most important dates are January 31 (pack drops), May 31 (Redemption Token Drop), June 30 (End of Redemption window). And some time around Q4 2023, Physical collectible delivery also begins.

Source: NFT Evening




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