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Funky Wolves NFT Project Reaches $5M Valuation

The Funky Wolves nonfungible token (NFT) project has reached a whopping $5 million valuation after successfully completing its angel-round funding.

It has been reported that the startup’s latest milestone comes on the heels of a string of exciting developments. For instance, its first NFT collection, the Funky Pass Genesis collection sold out in nine minutes. It also boasts an interactive immersive website and partnerships with some of the who’s who of the industry.

However, in its own words, Funky Wolves is a “clean collection of storytelling NFTs on the ETH blockchain with over 350 unique traits”. In essence, the project aims to create a platform that onboards everyone to its decentralized, interactive world.

The report said that its genesis NFT collection is already seeing gains. Moreover, the company has partnered with the likes of APELIST, GodJira, Doodles, and Llamaverse. Besides, on Twitter alone, Funky Wolves boasts nearly 65,000 followers.

Likewise, Funky Pass, the firm’s genesis NFT collection, includes 500 limited NFTs serving as an all-inclusive package. Notably, all NFT holders will get access to the Funky Wolf NFT presale and can claim a free Wolf NFT at the “Tall Teller” (the project’s minting machine). In addition, they will get to enjoy a range of exclusive perks and rewards. What’s more, once the Funky Wolves public sale concludes, all pass holders will receive a merch box.

Holders will have access to the “Wolf Den,” which is at the heart of the immersive world Funky Wolves is building. Launching in 15 days, the Den will function as a home for the brand’s growing community. In short, this is where the holders will enjoy their exclusive benefits.

Thus, this is where the members can “redeem tokens, punch their ticket, down the potion, and become a Funky Wolf.” Currently, the Funky Wolves NFT universe is confined to the interactive website. It aims to evolve into the metaverse in the future.

Source: NFT Evening




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