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Genopets Added 2 More Mini-Games To Its Lineup ‘Feed’ And ‘Fetch’

Reports said that Genopets, the free-to-play, move-to-earn game that is housed on the Solana blockchain has added two more mini-games to its lineup ‘Feed’ and ‘Fetch.’

It has been reported that ‘Feed’ and ‘Fetch’ are the new mini-games that players can use to keep their Genopets nourished and happy, leading to better step-to-energy conversion. Previously, Genopets had added ‘Food’ and ‘Toy’ gameplay, with players receiving a random selection of 3-6 nonfungible token (NFT) items per day once converting their steps into energy.

However, with these new features, Genopets is working to address some of the criticism that the team received after the initial release of the mini-games. First, the gameplay took some getting used to and made it easy for players to lose their NFT loot.

The report said that as a response, the team is implementing a practice mode that will allow players to familiarize themselves with the gameplay before using live resources. The hitboxes will be made slightly larger and the indicator movement will lag a little more. Players will also be able to see the numeric value of the items used to ‘Feed’ and ‘Fetch.’

Likewise, the team behind Genopets continues to look for ways to improve the game for the community. The next major update will include Augments. These will allow players to alter the appearance of their Genopet via extensions and colors. These Augments will even have a material impact on the pets later on in the game.

Genopets is introducing a new level-based Energy conversion system. That system greatly reduces the amount of Energy needed to keep low-level Genopets.

Thus, Genopets continues to innovate with stackable fungible tokens (SFTs) and other technology that is redefining what an NFT is and can do. These should be welcome additions all the way around.

Source: NFT Evening




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