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'Get Maine Lobster' Delivery Service Announces NFT Membership Club

The ‘Get Maine Lobster’ delivery service has announced a nonfungible token (NFT) membership club.

It has been reported that the online seafood lobster delivery company is working with OneOf, an exciting web3 company that focuses on sport, music, and creating brand-specific NFTs.

However, the New NFT membership pass will replace the traditional loyalty cards. Membership prices range from free to $2,000 and will allow holders to receive deliveries of fresh seafood all year round, including the famous Maine lobster.

The report said that OneOf has worked closely with the lobster delivery company to create four unique annual NFT membership tiers called Lobster Perks+. Each level offers a different amount of seafood and other utility. The state of Maine in the USA is famous for its seafood, particularly the delicious Maine lobster. Now, through the power of NFTs, users can receive this incredible seafood all year round.

Likewise, the Get Maine Lobster NFT tiers vary widely, ranging from free to $2,000. For example, the free entry-level pass (Crew Club+) has discounts on seafood deliveries and merchandise. Sternman Club+ membership costs $25, Captains Club+ is $350, and the luxury Diamond Club+ is $2,000 yearly. Of course, each tier offers incredible utility, and the prices reflect this. The Captains Club+ NFT comes with eight lobster tales, wholesale prices, upgrades, and even a ‘lobster scented’ candle.

The Diamond Club+ membership is the most expensive of the lot, and it comes with a mega 100 pounds of live, wild-caught lobster that will be delivered over 12 months. There is also more incredible seafood on offer, perks, exclusive access, and discounts. Significantly, there are only five of these NFTs to reflect their exclusivity.

Thus, anyone holding one of the Get Maine Lobster membership NFTs will enter a draw. Prizes include free lobster deliveries, NFT merchandise, and a once-in-a-lifetime lobster fishing trip with the founder of Get Maine Lobster, Mark Murrell.

Source: NFT Evening



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