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Getting ready to enter the Blockchain industry? But Confused!

If you are planning to switch careers to enter the blockchain industry but, confused on where to start with? Fret no more….this is a 5 min read to get a good head start with.

The past years have witnessed a dawn of a new technological era with the advent of blockchain technology. The rapid adoption of this revolutionary technology across diverse sectors is churning up at a rapid pace. All of this enthusiasm has created a surging demand for blockchain-related jobs.

Blockchain technology is deemed to be the next big thing owing to its myriad use cases. Active deployment of blockchain across various sectors is causing a massive stir in the demand for blockchain-related careers. Pursuing a career in the said field might be the right thing to do in the coming times.

It is said that the best jobs in the field are for the people who are self-creating their own jobs. For example, If one is a lawyer, they can become a crypto compliance consultant. If a stockbroker an ICO advisor can be a good path. Even working in a supermarket can turn into becoming a supply chain expert! The possibilities are endless…

“Blockchain-related jobs are the second-fastest growing in today’s labor market; there are now 14 job openings for every one blockchain developer.” TechCrunch

Usually, the road to getting a good job in a conventional way is through a good college. The same approach of studying an in-demand course with good grades can land one in a job with the highest salary. However, this scenario has been changing with times, as we have students with good educational backgrounds with low employable skills. In today’s times, a candidate’s skill is considered more worthy than his education. Since the sector is continuously evolving every hour, one needs to be constantly updated with the development in the field. One should equip oneself with the necessary skills required in order to forge ahead in the relevant path. A transition to such an unconventional field requires for the removal of the traditional educational process.

Is It Only For Techies?

According to global freelance site, Upwork, since the first quarter of 2018 skills related to blockchain are the most in-demand in its platform. Hiring in the field depends on the different dimensions of the sectors. Candidates can come up from any different backgrounds and falls into two main categories:

  1. Techies: These are tech professionals like software developers and engineers. They are highly trained in programming languages like Java, Python, and C++. Even for techies, cryptocurrency jobs are a new challenge! Developers and engineers will need to become familiar with new coding languages like Ethereum’s Solidity or the Ripple protocol if they want the best blockchain careers. Blockchain developer jobs are different. They require engineers and developers to do many tasks which they wouldn’t normally do. Blockchain projects might require them to research, design and build a new platform as well as offering business ideas and plans for the future.

  2. Non-techies: Blockchains need more than just technical support. Like any business, blockchain projects need accountants, lawyers, public relations (PR), marketers and much more. The blockchain jobs site, Crypto Jobs List, advertises vacancies in marketing, community, design and even has listings for meme specialists!

Areas of Growth:

Media: The blockchain industry like every other industry needs to reach a wider audience. Dedicated blockchain media agencies in the field of PR firms, media outlets, and advertising agencies are growing up in the larger numbers.

DApp development: Key elements of blockchain is developing decentralized applications that is necessary. There will be a huge demand of blockchain engineers who can build dApps for a mass audience.

Legal compliance: All around the world, new laws are being written about how cryptocurrencies can be used. The technology itself can guide legal contracts (in the form of smart contracts). This means that law firms will need crypto experts and crypto businesses will need legal advisors!

Logistics: The ability to store and transfer large amounts of information could have a big effect on the way supply chains work. This could mean big changes and new jobs in farming, heavy industry, and international trade.

Trading/Sales: The stock market grew massively in the 1980s and now the coin market is growing even faster! Coin exchanges handle tens of millions of crypto trades every day. They need; asset managers, crypto brokers, analysts, and ICO advisors.

Who Is Hiring?

The potential employers in the crypto job market fall into four significant players:

  1. Industries – Giant companies like banks, accountancy firms, oil & gas, insurance, retailer as well as law offices will that want to keep up with the technology to run their businesses smoothly.

  2. Startups – These are independent businesses and products created since the invention of Blockchain.

  3. Tech firms – These are the companies that have the most to lose in case blockchain tech takes over the world. As they try to shift to a decentralized system, they need all the expertise they can gather.

  4. Governments – Many governments have been hiring crypto experts to advise them. Several governments are warming up to Blockchain due to its many advantages; Blockchain professionals are in high demand.

Why One Should Opt To Work In Blockchain?

Better Pay

Since this is such a young field and the talent available is pretty limited, the salaries offered throughout both technical and non-technical fields are 10-20% higher than the salaries offered in a normal job. Plus, it is also worth noting that the profit-sharing models in crypto jobs are way better and the incentives a lot higher.

Remote Flexibility

Remote jobs are on the rise and more and more people are quickly discarding the traditional concept of an “office” and opting for location flexibility. This is another area where crypto companies outdo their legacy peers.

Finishing Thoughts

As blockchain technology continues to evolve, so will the career opportunities related to it. Even though it is still in its infancy the technology no doubt is here to stay, so also the demand for expertise in the field. Whether one is a techie or not, a career in the blockchain is an exciting field worth exploring. Although the industry shows prospects, applying for jobs in this domain is comparatively new. Hence someone pursuing a career in this field itself requires experimentation and the road to success will be as groundbreaking as the technology itself.

Its time to get ready to enter the Blockchain industry….

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