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Hardware Wallet Ledger Steps Into DeFi, Integrating DeversiFi DEX

Producer of cryptocurrency hardware wallets, Ledger steps into DeFi by announcing that its users can now connect their devices to DeversiFi DEX.

Ledger has become one of the first hardware wallet makers to step into the DeFi space.

Users now have the ability to trade cryptocurrencies, confirm transactions, and sign messages directly from their devices while retaining the control over their private keys.

Although DEXs are generally considered more reliable than their custodial counterparts, the security tends to come at a price of lower liquidity rates.

However, the press release claims that users will get access to “instant settlement” and “deep liquidity”.

A Ledger representative adds on its potential liquidity issues:

“In the coming months, Ledger will be launching new features such as buying and swapping, which will be available to everyone with a Nano, regardless of where they trade. Different coins have different liquidities on any exchange–we don’t necessarily see DEX liquidity as a problem.”

Recently, DeversiFi relaunched incorporating Starkware’s zkSTARK layer-2 scaling technology.

The new platform is now reportedly able to process over 9,000 transactions per second, keeping other benefits of a decentralized platform.

Source: Cointelegraph | Image: Pexels



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