Hardware Wallet Software Ledger Live Now Supports Tron (TRX)

Hardware wallet producer Ledger announced that its official wallet software Ledger Live now supports Tron (TRX). On April 15 Ledger made the announcement that Ledger Live the official wallet software for Ledger’s hardware wallets now allows its users to manage their Tron addresses.

#LedgerLive, #TRON. It's on 🚀 Securely store, manage, and stake your #TRX – a new option to grow your assets on Ledger Live. Start staking today: — Ledger (@Ledger) April 15, 2020

So now owners of Ledger hardware wallet can also stake their TRX directly from the software. It further stated that this brings the total amount to 24 coins and more than 1250 tokens for owners to collect & manage on Ledger Live

The announcement stated:

What makes Ledger Live staking so special is that we ensure freedom of choice to our users as you can vote for whoever you want to. You would say that this is a standard, but that’s not the reality nowadays with most exchanges. This functionality is implemented with the use of a decentralized network, trust is everything.

Further adding:

This new integration gives you an extra option to grow your assets in Ledger Live. This is the second Proof of Stake coin that you can use directly in our app in addition to Tezos. 

Official Source and Image: Ledger

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