Hedera Hashgraph Joins Google Cloud Platform

Hedera Hashgraph chose Google Cloud Platform as its preferred cloud provider for deploying its public networks.

On Feb 11. a post by Google post commended Hedera for the choice while revealing that it is taking an active stake in the project’s governance.

From @Google: "Working with Hedera #Hashgraph to support the next generation of distributed ledger technology": — Hedera Hashgraph (@hashgraph) February 11, 2020

Hedera is set to use Google Cloud to host its public testnets and Hedera Consensus Service ecosystem. This will allow Hedera developers to benefit from Google’s geographical coverage and infrastructure.

Hedera is a distributed ledger technology project rooted in the enterprise world. It is governed by the Hedera Governing Council, a body composed of many well-known companies such as:

  1. Boeing

  2. IBM

  3. Deutsche Telekom and others.

The council’s function is to lead the network’s decision-making and ensure its continuous reliability. Hedera has used Google Cloud since the inception of its network, choosing to run its ledger through Google Cloud Platform’s premium product offerings.

Now, with Google’s endorsement of Hedera’s using its publicly available software, Google also announced that it has become a member of the Hedera council.

Hedera’s token, HBAR, spiked as a result of the announcement. As of publishing time, it traded at $0.0321 — a 74 percent increase from the previous day’s price level, according to Coin360.




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