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Helium Expands Its IoT Network Into Europe

P2P crypto-powered wireless network Helium announced its expansion to Europe after launching in North America.

On June 18 an announcement was made that Helium will start shipping its network’s Hotspots to Europe in July.

Today we are excited to announce #ThePeoplesNetwork is going global 🌎! Hotspots are now available for purchase in Europe & Asia. We are also launching @Helium Tabs, a new tracker exclusively for Hotspot owners in the US & Canada. Read more from @fmong: — Helium (@helium) June 18, 2020

The firm also just launched Helium Tabs. Helium Tabs are devices that leverage the decentralized network for tracking purposes, having a battery duration of over 6 months.

The hotspots are both low-power wireless access points accessible from up to 10 miles away and nodes on the Helium blockchain.

Node operation is rewarded using the firm’s Helium (HNT) tokens.

Nodes are also accessible through IoT devices that conform with the LoRaWAN low-power wireless telecommunication standard.

The network is meant to allow IoT devices to access a wireless network. It also acts as a gateway to the internet and requires very little power usage on the device’s part.

Devices on the network can also send transactions through the Helium blockchain.

The network already features over 4,255 hotspots, most of which are located inside the United States.

Helium’s network currently covers over 700,000 miles across North America in 1,000 cities.

Source: Cointelegraph | Image: Pixabay



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