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Huobi Indonesia To Enable Fiat-To-Crypto Trading Between Indonesian Rupiah And USDT

Crypto exchange Huobi is launching a fiat gateway in Indonesia to enable fiat-to-crypto trading between the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) and Tether (USDT).

On Dec. 27 Huobi Group announced in a press release that the launch of the new fiat gateway will enable Indonesian investors to utilize the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) to trade in more than 250 cryptocurrencies on Huobi Indonesia. — Huobi Indonesia (@HuobiIndo) December 27, 2019

Senior director of Huobi Cloud David Chen adds:

“The new fiat gateway is part of Huobi’s global expansion strategy and reflects our ongoing commitment to working with strong local partners in key markets across the globe […] By continuing to add new fiat/crypto pairs for Huobi Cloud 2.0, we want to make it frictionless for investors anywhere in the world to trade digital assets on a trusted and proven platform.”

Driving Crypto Adoption In Indonesia

The exchange considers Indonesia to be a “major opportunity to contribute to the growth of the greater blockchain community and help drive crypto adoption globally.”

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Huobi Indonesia CEO Xiong Dan adds that the new fiat gateway is an “exciting milestone” for the Huobi team in Indonesia:

“We will continue to expand the Indonesian market, consolidate and improve service quality”

Source: Cointelegraph | PR Newswire



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