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‘Hurun China Rich List 2019’ Features 12 Crypto Tycoons

Hurun Report, a research, and media investment firm published a report titled “Hurun China Rich List 2019” featuring 12 local crypto tycoons.

The list was published on Oct. 12 and includes the following:-

  1. Co-founders of mining giant Bitmain — Micree Zhan and Jihan Wu,

  2. Binance founder — Changpeng Zhao

  3. Founder of competing OKCoin — Star Xu.

  4. Founder of cryptocurrency exchange Huobi — Leon Li

CEOs of Crypto Exchanges

Bitmain’s co-founder Micree Zhan secures 100th position in the list with his net worth of 30 billion Chinese yuan (over $4.2 billion).

Changpeng Zhao, founder of Binance is ranked 195th in the list with his personal wealth of 18 billion yuan ($2.5 billion). CZ moved upto 35 positions upwards compared to last year’s list.

OKEx founder Star Xu is in 398th rank with his net worth of 10 billion yuan ($1.4 billion).

Leon Li of Huobi secured 530th with 7.5 billion Chinese yuan (over $1 billion).

Buying Bitcoins Over P2P in China

China’s central bank, People’s Bank of China (PBoC) have officially banned cryptocurrency exchanges in China since 2017 although Chinese citizens can still buy bitcoins over peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms or through over-the-counter trading desks.

Meanwhile, cryptocurrency exchange giant Binance announced that its users can now use popular Chinese applications like WeChat and Alipay in P2P transactions.

Source: | Image: Hurun China



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