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Hyundai Launches Venue N Line In Metaverse

Reports said that Hyundai Motor India has launched their compact SUV, the Venue N Line in Metaverse, on Roblox, offering a creative virtual experience before it launches in the market.

It has been reported that to witness the launch, one can simply download the Roblox app via Play Store and be a part of the virtual launch experience. In order to make the launch more exciting, Hyundai has included many innovative media experiences in the Metaverse such as India zone, test drive track, Venue N Line zone, showroom, service center, mini-game, photo booth, treasure hunt, and N Line merchandise.

However, each of these will contain a host of immersive activities to provide the users with a distinctive and one-of-a-kind experience. Users will also have the option to test drive Hyundai VENUE N Line on an oval road track, customize the car to their liking and even purchase and sell the car.

The report said that the Metaverse for Hyundai Venue N Line launch will comprise many more sites that users will be able to spot and engage. Users can directly reach the Hyundai Mobility Adventure in Roblox, from where they will be dropped near the event square. They can have easy access to the event tab and area and be a part of one-of-its-kind future mobility experience in India.

Thus, Tarun Garg, the Director (Sales, Marketing, and Service) of Hyundai Motor India, said:

“As we move closer towards the introduction of our next blockbuster product offering – Hyundai Venue N Line, we are pleased to announce this one-of-a-kind experience made available on Roblox. We are confident that this integration of virtual and physical universe will establish strong and long-lasting relationship with today’s tech-empowered generation. We are very excited for the adventurous events that will unfold during our Metaverse launch of Hyundai Venue N Line.”



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