Ice Cream Shop In Berlin Reveals A Chat With A ‘Super Nice’ Guy, Accepts Bitcoin Daily

An ice cream shop in Friedrichshain district of Berlin has revealed that a chat with an unknown “super nice” guy spurred them to head Bitcoin adoption with the local crowd.

On November 21 (today), it has been revealed by a Twitter thread from a retailer, “Chipi Chipi Bombón” that the unknown guy turned out to have been the legendary Andreas Antonopoulos, the Bitcoin (BTC) evangelist and educator.

We started accepting #bitcoin in june of this year. At @room77_berlin I met a guy who was super nice & explained to me all the basics about Bitcoin & got me interested in getting btc myself instead of using bitpay & receiving euros. The next day I found out he was @aantonop 1/6 — Chipi Chipi Bombón (@ChipiChipiBmbn) November 20, 2019

However, everything began in a local burger bar.

Likewise, the thread continues to outline that paving the way toward crypto entrepreneurship began with getting a Trezor hardware wallet for cold storage and starting to directly accept Bitcoin through the open-source payment processor BTCPay Server

Similarly, weeks later, the shop began accepting payments through Lightning Network, the second-layer scalability solution, which later took its ice creams and hot chocolates to Berlin’s Lightning Conference.

The thread continues:

“I’m convinced that little shops like ours are a very important factor to bitcoin growth.”

While Non-Bitcoiners see more businesses accepting Bitcoin, they will start to stop fearing it and would get more curious about it and would like to be a part of it.

However, Antonopoulos responded positively on Twitter by writing:

“You took the effort to fully understand cryptocurrency and the implications of how you could better run your business with it. More small businesses need to do exactly this. Amazing.” Andreas Antonopoulos

Great to hear I remember our discussion and I'm glad you've taken it so far. — Andreas ☮ 🌈 ⚛ ⚖ 🌐 📡 📖 📹 🔑 🛩 (@aantonop) November 21, 2019

Perhaps the most famous culinary crypto anecdote is going to remain forever that associated with May 22, 2010, the day when the first-ever purchase with Bitcoin was made for an order of two pizzas at a cost of 10,000 BTC. In today’s prices, that would be an almost $80 million takeaway. 

It has been analyzed that today (November 21), the milestone is celebrated each year as “Bitcoin Pizza Day“.

Thus, the French National Branch of Domino’s Pizza launched an ordering competition, offering the winner a prize of $110,000 in Bitcoin or cash, this October.

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