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Incessant NFT Searches outreaches the ICO Mania in 2017

As Snoop Dogg, Aston Martin get themselves prepared to drop their NFTs joining the hype, the NFT searches are hiking up as compared to ICO searches, last observed in 2017.

According to latest data from Google Trends, the interest in NFTs seems to have reach the level that was observed for the term “ICO” back in 2017, and speculations are arousing, as searches for NFT might surpass the level which ICO had. The ICO mania was partly the reason for Bitcoin’s surge of approximately reaching $20,000.NFTs have grabbed a larger number of audience which are not on par to the ICO fan base who were predominantly associated with finance and tech.It can be observed that NFTs have been amassing fortunes along with expanding its area on various avenues of creation- be it games, pictures, art, videos, and its is also venturing into minting real world assets, along with the inclusion of houses.

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NFT vs ICO. Source: Google Trends

The mainstream media has sparked the NFT craze where the NFTs can be seen being sold for whopping prices amounting upto $69 Million that happened for Beeple’s Masterpiece, with the recent discovery of MoonCats that predates the NFT fame,”Cryptokitties”, people went fervor in rescuing the abandoned NFT. Recently the 20th century maestro Baranoff-Rosine’s paintings were minted and auctioned in Mintable. Time magazine happened to sell three of its iconic covers as NFT, with NFT Dapps like Alien Worlds, Sorare, NBA Top shot slaying the NFT game. The NFT space is going to embrace the contribution of artists like Snoop Dog, Aston Martin and others. A new NFT marketplace will be launched by the Cryptocurrency exchange, which is due to open on March 26. It will be featuring drops from Snoop Dogg, Lionel Richie, and others. Prior focus will be given to collectibles “delivering unique content from popular artists, musicians, athletes, and sports.

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