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Indexchain (DIC) : A DeFi Project With Amazing Opportunities

The next-generation financial smart contract and decentralized application platform – IndexChain (DIC).

IndexChain is an independent public chain project. The mainnet has been online since September 30, 2019. It has been operating stably and opened Staking node lockups. The number of miners has continued to increase, and 35 operating centers have been established in many countries around the world.

IndexChain provides a blockchain platform for the issuance, transaction of digital tokens and the use of financial smart contracts. The index chain is an upgrade and improvement of issuing ICO and IPO platforms.

According to statistics, the value of global stock assets is about $70 trillion, debt is about $100 trillion and real estate is about $230 trillion. We believe that there will be a huge potential opportunity for global assets to be tagged or classified, which is also the place where digital assets and general certificates can truly realize the great value of landing and deeply empowering the real economy.

A trader also had to explore the opportunity of making profit trading the DIC tokens which for us is profitable, while buying at extreme Red bars (at a low price) and selling out when it pumps to buy again and vice versa.

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The DIC tokens can be traded in both BitSG and UKEX Exchanges. Day Traders will enjoy trading on UKEX exchange where there are more pumps/spike in price actions.

From the screenshots, you will observe that there are more spikes in the price action on UKEX than there is on BitSG Exchange though there is more volume on the BitSG Exchange than there is on UKEX Exchange.

Below are some screenshots:

The future projects of the Index chain beyond 2020 comprise of Quantum security updates along with the development of new modules. Until then, stay tuned!

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