IndexChain: The Decentralized Application Platform | Review


IndexChain is an independently owned project that has been online since September 30, 2019. Ever since then, it has been performing stably, only to expand the number of miners across different centers of the world.


IndexChain has successfully implemented various DeFi ecological systems along with a fully operational third-party-on-chain gaming platform. The number of miners has continued to increase, and 35 operating centers have been established in many countries around the world. In the first quarter of 2020, the side chain auction platform “Little Gold” and the global mall “Hi Go mall” will be launched. At the same time, digital asset Lending, Mortgage Projects, and more projects will come on board.

IndexChain consists of three parts:

  1. An open, intelligent, privacy blockchain with an atomic exchange interoperability multi-chain architecture;

  2. A service and ecosystem around decentralized financial service providers, DeFi projects, distributed applications;

  3. An independent, decentralized governance mechanism that motivates and coordinates the development of IndexChain.

Components of IndexChain

IndexChain comprises of three main components: ● A private intelligent blockchain with a multi-chain architecture ● A decentralized financial service ecosystem around DeFi projects and multiple distributed applications ● A governance mechanism that motivates and coordinates the development of the IndexChain. In addition to all, IndexChain also aims to deploy the IPFS protocol along with adding data storage functions. It has a continuous eye on the research and development in the relevant field to achieve the deployment of a large number of IPFS based mining machines. It shall contribute towards its aim of building a next-gen distributed storage infrastructure.


The IndexChain provides you a well-knit blockchain platform to support the digitization of token transactions and using smart financial contracts. Going by the statistics, the global value of collective stock assets stands at about $70 trillion, with the debt being close to $100 trillion and real estate value at about $230 trillion. IndexChain strongly believes that there rests a great potential in the classification of global assets, where digital assets can realize their value in empowering the real economy.

More critically, the IndexChain can basically be linked and anchored to any form of asset, including stocks or commodities. For example, you can issue REITs through an IndexChain, and REITs can be certified and sold to countless digital currency investors. Safe and secure funds, multiple technical guarantees: For financial transactions, security is the key. The IndexChain uses innovative delayed POW (dPoW) technology to ensure the security of the IndexChain with the extra power of the Bitcoin network.

The main highlights of the IndexChain project being: ● DeFi Platform ● Node Staking ● Consensus Network ● Blockchain

In short, we can say that the IndexChain + Token advisor services = A crypto investment bank.


  1. Delay proof of work technology

  2. The innovation of multi-chain technology

  3. Atomic switching

  4. Financial smart contract

  5. Zero-knowledge proof privacy technology

DIC Utility

  1. Transaction Fees: DIC is the main cryptographic fuel in the IndexChain and is used to pay transaction costs. At the same time, all the digital tokens issued on the IndexChain can be seamlessly exchanged and traded with index currency through atomic exchange technology.

  2. Masternode Stake: Masternode operators stake DIC, committing to building and maintaining decentralized infrastructure for security tokens. Operators earn rewards for running the DIC node software and for validating transactions.

  3. Governance: Participate in votes and voice your opinion on how the IndexChain network should be run including contributing to policy decisions affecting staking, masternodes, and rewards. Your DIC is your vote. Governance of the network by the DIC holder community is a core objective of the IndexChain Organization.

  4. Settlement: DIC is acceptable as a settlement by any service provider in the network. Node building providers, auditors, token advisors, marketing agencies, developers and any other network participant can choose to accept DIC in exchange for their services.

  5. Reward: Earn DIC tokens for offering services and adding value to the network. Masternode operators earn DIC for performing crucial network functions. Rewards are paid weekly.


The IndexChain brings with it the latest advancements including: ● Delay proofing of work technology: IndexChain offers security as intricate as that of Bitcoin levels ● Multi-chain technology: The technology is scaled across multiple machines, and the network can be expanded infinitely. The scaling can be done both vertically and horizontally. ● Financial efficiency: The smart financial contract adds to the effectiveness of the blockchain. ● Full proof privacy technology: You can opt for anonymity if you wish to maintain privacy and providing zero-knowledge of you to others

The Future Plan (Roadmap)

The roadmap of development for the current year 2020 and further beyond is well planned. ● Q1 2020: Developing stable currency and mobile wallet module on-line, Oracle module on-line ● Q2 2020: Building multi-signature functions on-line, atomic exchange technology on-line ● Q3 to Q4 2020: Intelligent multi-chain technology on-line, real-time micro-payment module on-line The future projects of the Index chain beyond 2020 comprise of Quantum security updates along with the development of new modules.

News on IndexChain

  1. IndexChain listed BitSG (Digital Exchange) on February 15, 2020.

  2. IndexChain launched WIS, a professional blockchain game platform, which officially began operation on March 10, 2020.


IndexChain has great potential for development and will revolutionize the investment and financing model of digital assets and certificates. It will not only provide a new way for major financial institutions to issue pass-through tokens but also inject new vitality into the encrypted digital pass market.

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