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Indie Film “Monero Means Money” Briefly Tops US Box Office Charts

An independent feature film titled “Monero Means Money” documenting the virtues on the privacy coin briefly topped the U.S. box office charts earlier this month.

According to the feature film, grossed a total of $3,430 with the film topping briefly on box office on April 10. The film claims to “raise awareness for electronic and financial privacy rights.”

The movie was screened in US across theatres such as:

  1. Laemmle Theater in Los Angeles,

  2. Tampa Theatre

  3. Parkway Theater

  4. Film Lounge near Pittsburgh

The figures were later revised, with a film called Phoenix, Oregon grossing $11,479 knocking “Monero Means Money” back to second place.

The 88-minute film comprises of a keynote speech delivered in 2019 by crypto advocate, Daniel Kim. Mr. Kim promoting the adoption of privacy coins amid increasing financial surveillance.

In an interview with Vice, Monero Means Money’s producer and director, Justin Ehrenhofer, states:

“I investigated the top movie for that week and saw that they partnered with theaters for digital showings. I thought that the opportunity to make the #1 box office film in the US would be unique.”

How a Random Guy (Me) Made the #2 Movie in America for $1,000 I could not have done it without the support of the Monero community #xmr #MoneroMeansMoney — Justin Ehrenhofer (@JEhrenhofer) April 24, 2020

The film was made with less than $2,000 in total, with a small amount dedicated in marketing of the film. Ehrenhofer further added:

“We strongly believe the film achieved its intended goal of raising awareness for Monero, privacy rights, and struggling theaters,”

Source: Cointelegraph | Image: Unsplash

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1 Comment

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Nathan Adrian
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