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Indonesia Trains Lawyers in Crypto Crime as Bitcoin Ban Continues

The Attorney General of Indonesia gathered attorneys from eight different countries for a four-day cryptocurrency course according to a local news report from Oct. 1.

Training to Counter Illegal Activities Involving Bitcoin

The training of the crypto course was in response to illegal activities worldwide involving digital tokens such as Bitcoins.

In early 2018 Indonesia took the step to ban all forms of cryptocurrency although a year later it recognized it as a commodity while still continuing its ban.

Deputy Attorney General Dr. Arminsyah commented:

The development of technology and cryptocurrency crime that follows it will always grow without slowing down, let alone waiting for us to catch up, it will instead continue to go so fast, leaving behind anyone who’s too late to anticipate and adopt it.

He continued:

Cross-country cryptocurrency crime must be seen as a common enemy, therefore it cannot be addressed or faced partially by each country but must be prevented, fought, and eradicated holistically and together.

Fighting Crypto-Based Crimes

The event saw attendance from Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey, Thailand, Australia, Russia, and Hong Kong.

Arminsyah hopes the legal training would lead to more concerted efforts to fight crypto-based crime.

He summarized:

I hope that the coordination established by the trainees is not merely formal… but also through informal cooperation, prosecutors to prosecutors, police to prosecutors, and customs to prosecutors, helping each other in the form of information delivery, data, advice, and the provision of facilities when they need each other.

Earlier, China issued a notice to ban crypto mining in Inner Mongolia on checking and rectifying virtual currency mining. The notice demanded the removal of the province’s crypto mining enterprises.


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