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Indonesian Teen Honored With Massive Reward For His NFT Contributions To Charity

Rainier Wardhana Hardjanto, a sixteen-year-old Indonesian teen, has received an honor for his ongoing nonfungible token (NFT) contributions to charity.

It has been reported that the Indonesian World Records Museum (MURI) gave Rainier his record-breaking certificate for his work using NFT donations to help disabled communities around Indonesia. His website ‘Art n Me’ has raised over Rp 550 million ($5,000) in donations.

However, NFTs are proving to be an incredible way to raise money for charity. Consequently, people like Rainier Wardhana Hardjanto are having great success doing this. Through his website, he has raised over $5,000 with a focus on Down Syndrome charities. The art is primarily by Rainier, his friends, artists from disabled communities, and children from local orphanages.

The report said that Indonesian teen Rainier also donated nine of his own paintings to charities using NFT technology. What’s more, this will go towards building a learning center for children with Down Syndrome.

Rainer said in an official statement:

“It’s important that we’re aware of the current problems we have in society and how we can reduce the inequality gap to help improve the lives of others.”

NFT art has the power to reach millions of people worldwide in a short period. Therefore, over the past year, we have seen a worldwide mobilization of NFT charity donations for multiple causes, including people suffering in Ukraine. In the future, this will be a great way to help people quickly and easily.

Thus, Indonesian teen Rainier Wardhana Hardjanto is an excellent example of blockchain technology and the NFT community changing lives.

Source: NFT Evening



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