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Interpol Partners With Kaspersky To Declare “Anti-Ransomware Day”

Interpol, the International crime-fighting organization, has partnered with cybersecurity firm Kaspersky, to declare a campaign called “Anti-Ransomware Day,” as the date (May 12) is set on the third anniversary of WannaCry, the most significant ransomware attack reached its peak on May 12, 2017, which was on the record.

It has been reported that it will raise awareness about the effects of ransom-centric cyberattacks which continue to affect people and businesses all over the world.   

However, a study revealed by Kaspersky reported that until October 2019, WannaCry held the title of the most significant ransomware attack ever executed, as companies affected by WannaCry attacks suffered losses averaging $1.46 million.

Kaspersky claims that WannaCry remains as the most notorious ransomware attack in the history — Cointelegraph (@Cointelegraph) May 13, 2020

The researchers said that about 767,907 users were affected by these types of cyberattacks during 2019; where 30% of those were corporate users.

Sergey Martsynkyan, the head of B2B product marketing at Kaspersky, said:

“The threat remains relevant today, as there will be users out there who still may not know much about it and can become a victim. The good news is that the right security approach and relevant measures can make ransomware yet another non-critical threat.”

Likewise, Craig Jones, the Director of cybercrime of Interpol, said: 

“Cybercriminals are diversifying attack vectors to launch cyberattacks exploiting the COVID-19 outbreak. These cyberthreats are causing serious harm to people and organizations, which exacerbate an already dire situation in the physical world. Now is the time when we all must come together to stop them.”

Thus, ransomware attacks have not stopped worldwide, even with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: Cointelegraph | Image: Deccan Herald


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