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Introducing #CryptoGurukul – A step towards spreading cryptocurrency and blockchain awareness

From the 2017 Bitcoin boom to the 2018 lows and 2020 historic highs, the crypto space has experienced a tremendous rollercoaster ride these past few years. This young market evolved from its speculation phase into the initial adoption phase, opening its doors to newcomers and professionals alike.

As we embrace the revolution of finance from centralized to decentralized ecosystems, we’re launching an awareness program to spread financial literacy of new upcoming financial innovations in the blockchain and crypto space. Today, we’re introducing the Binance Crypto Gurukul, a step towards educating crypto and blockchain enthusiasts in India on digital assets and distributed ledger technologies.

What is Binance #CryptoGurukul?

Binance Crypto Gurukul program will provide a platform filled with curated learning materials from Binance Academy, which builds our in-house learning repository of crypto and blockchain learning resources.

Some samples: blockchain and crypto

Binance Crypto Gurukul is an educational awareness campaign for all our Indian users. It’s completely free and open to everyone interested. There is no enrollment cost but comes with some exciting swag and rewards for your time and effort.

It’s important to mention that this campaign shouldn’t be seen as financial advice nor information used for financial decision making. This program’s only purpose is to transfer knowledge to our Indian users and nurture their financial literacy and understanding of cryptocurrencies.

Who can be a part of Binance Crypto Gurukul?

Students and young professionals from all over India are eligible to participate in this program. All you need is the drive, motivation, and interest to learn about crypto and blockchain. Millennials from all educational backgrounds can join us in spreading financial literacy in India.

To join Binance Crypto Gurukul, follow these two simple steps: A) Create an account on Binance India and complete the identity verification (KYC). If you already have a Binance account, you can skip this step. 

B) Complete this simple form and send it over. Don’t forget to enter your Binance ID generated in the first step. 

Why should you participate?

India has the second-largest blockchain developer base in the world (second to the U.S.) and one of the largest requirements of blockchain/crypto experts across states and languages. Binance India wants to usher a new wave of cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption amongst the youth of India.

This program is for you if you want to:

1. Get a better understanding of the upcoming trends of the fintech space – Crypto & Blockchain.

a. The cryptocurrency space is moving faster than any financial market (Google Binance Bitcoin price today).

b. Learn the ins and outs of the cryptocurrency space using our proprietary content developed by global industry experts in Binance Academy

c. Get a chance to meet global experts of this crypto & blockchain and be a part of our invite-only trading and tech webinars/meetups.

2. Become a Crypto-Aware Influencer in your social circle and help people understand the facts and benefits of crypto & blockchain

a. Help them to identify scams and how to stay secure.

b. Guide them on understanding fundamentals and staying in touch with the latest developments of the industry

c. Share educational and hand-picked content from our Binance Academy and SAFU initiative catered to the Indian audience.

3. Organize Crypto Gurukul educational awareness initiatives for your college & social circles (offline/ online) on crypto and blockchain with Binance.

4. Grow your online presence by creating new and exciting content (blogs, memes, status, etc.) around crypto and become one of the key contributors in bringing crypto and blockchain knowledge to the Indian youth

a. We would share the interesting content you come up with across our Binance India official social media channels.

b. Be a Crypto content leader in your city / town / area / campus / social community

What are the rewards one can get in this program?

We will be running different reward schemes and championships for all program participants to promote learning and content sharing in the most entertaining way possible.

Warning, participating in Binance Crypto Gurukul might change your life for the better:

  1. Social bragging rights in your community #CryptoGurukul 

  2. Be part of the next big wave of financially educated professionals.

  3. Get your content featured on Binance India’s social media channels.

  4. We’ll dress you up in limited-edition Binance Swags.

  5. Giveaways for every meetup/webinar you help organize. 

  6. Earn hundreds or thousands of $$ for registering new users on Binance with our Referral program.

About Binance

Binance operates the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trade volume.

Our vision is to increase the freedom of money globally. We believe that by spreading this freedom, we can significantly improve lives around the world. Our mission is to be the infrastructure services provider for the blockchain ecosystem.



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