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INX To Run The First SEC-Registered STO In Its IPO To Raise $111 Million

INX, a Gibraltar-based cryptocurrency exchange, will run the first SEC-registered security token offering (STO) in its initial public offering (IPO).

It has been reported that the exchange aims to sell 130 million tokens at $0.90 netting up to $111 million after expenses according to its latest filing with the SEC.

However, this will be the first security token offering that is registered with the SEC, allowing everyday investors to legally participate in it.

STO’s have typically only filed notices to the regulators, until now, while remaining unregistered, limiting participation to institutional and registered investors.

INX aims to raise $111 million in its IPO — the first SEC-registered security token offering available to everyday investors — Cointelegraph (@Cointelegraph) August 21, 2020

The report said that the INX tokens will be a hybrid solution of both utility and security tokens, in which holders can use the tokens to pay for trading fees on the platform while doubling as company shares.

The proceeds of the sale will be used to build INX’s regulated exchange INX Trading Solutions in addition to providing a $62 million cash fund for contingencies, such as data breaches, trading execution errors, or counterparty defaults.

According to the filing, Shy Datika, the co-founder and President of INX, already holds 9.4 million INX tokens (7.2% of total supply) while the CEO of A-Labs Doren Cohen (the company brokering the IPO) holds 4.55 million tokens (3.5% of total supply).

Nine of the company’s 10 advisors will collectively receive just shy of 2 million tokens for $0.01 per token.

Likewise, INX will only receive $2 million after expenses if the minimum offering amount of $7.5 million be raised.

Thus, the company will still proceed with development although certain aspects will no longer receive funding, including the contingency cash fund.



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