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IOHK To Join Hyperledger Project and World Wide Web Consortium

IOHK, the company behind Cardano’s development (ADA) will be joining the Hyperledger Project and World Wide Web Consortium or W3C.

Cardano founder and CEO and co-founder of IOHKCharles Hoskison, confirmed on the company joining the two organizations.

Hoskinson believes that IOHK will benefit from their shared knowledge while the partnership will give it an edge in the bidding process:

“We would like to start consolidating some of our enterprise ledger ideas and bring it there, “A”,  because there’s just a lot of knowledge in that circle. And “B”, it helps us with the bidding process. When we’re deploying a permissioned system, government procurement and corporate procurements, a little bit more familiar with Hyperledger.”

Founded by Linux Foundation, Hyperledger is an umbrella for various enterprise-focused blockchain protocols. W3C is an international community that works on the development of Web standards.

IOHK’s contract with the Cardano Foundation is expiring at the end of the year, when the company will present its proposal for the contract renewal to the community.

An integral part of this proposal will be the roadmap for creating an enterprise version of Cardano:

“One of the things that we will explore is how do we create an enterprise version of Cardano? And we’ll make a proposal for that at the end of the year when we’re proposing to the community IOHK contract renewal for the next five years for Cardano. And there’s going to be certainly an enterprise component to that renewal. And we’d love to pursue that strategy through the hydrologic group at the Linux Foundation.”

Hoskinson also emphasized on Cardano allowing for an easy switch between a permissionless mode and a permissioned one:

“The way that we design Catano, we made it very easy to switch between a permissionless and a permissioned mode.”

Source: Cointelegraph | Image: Pexels

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