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Japan’s Idol Nogizaka46 Asuka Saito Assigned as the New Face of bitFlyer Crypto Exchange

Japan’s most famous idol singer, actress and fashion model, Asuka Saitō (齋藤 飛鳥) just became the face of bitFlyer, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the country.

She is appointed as a bitFlyer image character! The new TV commercial that first challenged full remote shooting at home started broadcasting from June 24th, 2020. The bitFlyer Campaign period (Japan time) is from Wednesday, June 24, 2020, 9:00 am to Wednesday, July 22, 2020, 11:59 pm.

bitFlyer will present the autographed goods of Nogizaka46 Asuka Saito to customers who purchase cryptocurrency (cryptographic assets) more than a predetermined amount during the campaign period by lottery.

Asuka Saito Profile

Asuka Saito is one of the most popular members of Nogizaka46, a leading idol group in Japan consisting of 46 girls. It was debuted in 2011 starting as a sister group of AKB 48, the then-most popular idol unit. As the ace of the group, she acts as the centre for many songs.

Taking advantage of his outstanding proportions, she serves as a regular model for fashion magazines, and also plays a wide variety of roles such as starring dramas and movies. In a variety program, it shows a different aspect of music and model activities, such as giving out a tongue. It looks cool and cute and is supported by both men and women. In 2017 and 2018 they won the Japan Record Award, the most prestigious award for musicians in the country.

テレビ CM 放映を記念し「乃木坂 46 齋藤 飛鳥さんイメージキャラクター就任!テレビ CM 放映記念!サイン入りグッズ当たるキャンペーン」も開催中! キャンペーンの詳細はこちらをご覧ください。 — bitFlyer(ビットフライヤー) (@bitFlyer) June 24, 2020

Idols are a type of performer unique to Japan, who are marketed and cultivated for their image and personality. They are often musicians, models or dancers. Nogizaka46 Asuka Saito started her work in the bitFlyer exchange’s new television commercial that aims to attract crypto-novices to the platform.

“I think there are many people like me who don’t know much about virtual currencies, but I’d like to take this opportunity to see TV commercials and feel more familiar with virtual currencies. I’d be happy if you could.” – Asuka Saito

bitFlyer said to representative of Cointelegraph Japan, of the collaboration:

“Nogizaka46 is the No.1 girl unit in terms of popularity. We are the No.1 exchange in terms of trading volumes. It may be the first time any exchange has collaborated with the country’s top idol.” 

In recent months, bitFlyer has been ramping up with an aggressive PR campaign. Bitcoin (BTC) spot trading volumes at bitFlyer hit 243,887 BTC, up more than 40% from April. Last month, it resumed broadcasting television advertisements in part of Japan for the first time in two years.

Source: Cointelegraph | PR Times | Image Credit: Gyfcat



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